John let his head fall back against the wall, the hand that was still wrapped around Sherlock’s, squeezing desperately. He didn’t know what to do with himself. He was everywhere all at once, coming apart under Sherlock’s mouth. He was thankful for the wall at his back because his legs were as soft as butter beneath him, trembling and weak.

Commission for holmesianpose ! Based on chapter 8 of her great story “Thirst”, which you guys can find here :)


"there’s all sorts round here" ……..did sherlock choose a flat in a gay neighbourhood


The American Sign Language Alphabet, by Edward T. Schmid


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so if we assume that the sherlock-sholto john-jonathan meta is correct and sherlock and john’s relationship can be compared to the relationship between sholto and the mayfly man (sherlock/sholto getting struck by john/the mayfly man long before either of them noticed and the sign of three is where it all unfolds; sholto realises that he’s dying and sherlock realises that he’s in love with john), then the conversation between sherlock and mary as sholto enters the room makes so much more sense.

"he mentions him all the time to me. never shuts up about him" = "he mentions you all the time to me. never shuts up about you.”

"i didn’t think he’d show up at all" = "i didn’t think you’d show up at all.”

"john says he’s the most unsociable man he’s ever met" = "john says you’re the most unsociable man he’s ever met”

the conversation between sholto and john also makes sense. john expresses his surprise that sholto showed up and:

"i do (go to weddings) for old friends, watson". this basically explains itself, and becomes even more obvious later on in the episode when they’re outside sholto’s room and sherlock compares himself to him, "we wouldn’t do that, you and me. we would never do that to john watson."



quee rplatonic relationshipS

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Asexuality in Pop Culture: The Dangers of Misrepresentation - Freedom Requires Wings

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"i asked you for one more miracle. i asked you to stop being dead."

"i know. i heard you."

so basically sherlock admits that he came back because of john. lovely.

Sherlock's Mind Palace: The Baker Street Room


Warning: this is ridiculously long. So long, I went all college and wrote a short abstract to sum it up if you prefer the short version. While there are lots of great metas out there on how Sherlock realized he was in love with John during TSoT, mine is a slightly different take (with the same…



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